Thursday March 12, 2015.

Hello everyone, Justin here. I know that we have been quiet on this side of the web. Our twitter account has still been active, and we encourage you to check that out @FLThrillparks

We know our site has been dark, and no news stories have come out of here for a few months (Not since our trip to a winter wonder land in December!) We haven’t forgotten about you! I PROMISE! We have taken a small Hiatus to prepare for bigger and better things;

Both Matt, and myself work full time. Matt drive’s big rig’s for tour’s, and I am a photographer (hence why we can provide the best photo coverage of every event we attend!) Matt has been on the road full time for a few month’s, but will be returning to Florida in May.

I however have been here in Florida, preparing to leave-more on that in a moment.

In May when Matt returns he will be the main driving force behind articles, and the day to day twitter actions on twitter for this site.

We recently launched a new site: www.Thrillparks.net it will be working as a sister site to this one…except, it’s going to be the big sister! What do I mean? Well, it will be YOUR GO TO place for ALL news regarding theme parks, events, concerts, festivals, and anything else that gets that adrenalin going! We have a twitter handle set up (@Thrillparks) How we managed to get that in the year 2014 (When we picked up the handle) and the website thrillparks.net is BEYOND me But, we secured them! GO follow that twitter page now.

-AS I said, I am planning to leave Florida. I am taking my photography on the road. I will be shooting landscape, and concerts all over the country-PLUS visiting some of the biggest and best theme parks IN THE WORLD! For more info on all of that please visit:


and go like: www.facebook.com/concertsacrossthecountry

Remember-we haven’t forgotten about you, so PLEASE don’t forget about us! We will be in touch soon and back on track!




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